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Human Resources
Human Resources

L&T-Chiyoda Limited (LTC) being part of Engineering and Construction (E&C) group of Larsen & Toubro (L&T) has employment policies and systems that radiate from a single principle We believe in people. People are our most valued asset - our core strength.

LTC is aware that today's employees are more likely to have highly individual ideas about where they want to go, what they want to learn and how they can contribute to an enterprise while also finding meaningful satisfaction on the job. LTC believes what you work at every day constitutes an essential part of your life, and there is no denying that satisfaction or, if you prefer, a feeling of joy or the pursuit of happiness is one of the goals of every human being. And in this perspective all LTC's other goals must, in fact, be regarded as means to an end - required by necessity or circumstances. Means towards achieving that single main goal - satisfied employees.

We have, therefore, created a climate, which is distinctive in industry. Employees gain a level of freedom, which provides security, satisfaction and most importantly, a sense of professional fulfillment. At LTC, learning is a continuous process. Our Human Resources Development Department offers training programmes for employees right through their career. A good blend of skill development, behavioural and core programmes provide stimulus for growth and career development.

Courses are designed to keep employees in touch with the latest trends in management. Emphasis is laid on creativity, innovation, achievement motivation for excellence, empowerment, augmenting communication and interpersonal skills, developing initiative and leadership qualities and providing knowledge of computer applications.

IT Enabled Integrated Human Resource Management System - I-HRMS

Hiring, Training, Transfers, Promotions and performance appraisal are just a few of the functions that are an essential part of managing our people. And making them capable of implementing world-class projects.

LTC has implemented I-HRMS, tapping the best in information technology to help us meet all HR challenges. I-HRMS helps us in attracting the best talent and retaining it, in building competency, in Performance Management, improving our HR efficiency and helping us build a better team.

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