Petrochemicals & Chemicals Reference List

LTC is a very trusted name in design and engineering of Petrochemical and Chemical Plants. Petrochemical Plants are typically downstream of Refinery Units whose products form feedstock for Petrochemical Complexes.

LTC has executed several Petrochemical Plants starting from Mega Aromatic Complexes, Ethylene Plants, PVC Units, Methanol and Paraformaldehyde Plants etc. Few of the Petrochemicals where LTC has proven credentials are as under

  • Mega Aromatic Complexes producing value products such as p-Xylene and benzene
  • Ethylene Plant
  • Polymers such as LLDPE/ HDPE, PVC, PP, SBR etc.
  • Methanol
  • P-Formaldehyde
  • MTBE

LTC has also executed several chemical units, few of which are Ethylene Oxide, Lube Oil Additive plant, etc.

LTC provides full range of services for a Petrochemical and Chemical plants from FEED, integrated detailed engineering using 3D Modelling up to post engineering assistance such as Field Engineering, as-built.