Basic Design & Engineering Reference List

Process Design Package Preparation

LTC provides complete spectrum of engineering services starting from Process Design package preparation. Process Design Package involves following activities

  • Conceptual schemes preparation
  • Process simulation,
  • Process stream tables
  • Process data sheets of major equipment
  • Process Description
  • Consistency check of Licensor's data
  • Process Inputs for critical instruments
  • Heat and Mass balance of Process Unit
  • Formulating design basis
  • Plot Plan & Elevation views of Critical sections/ Units
  • Piping Layout
  • Preliminary stress analysis for critical lines
  • Hazardous Area Classification Drawings
  • Instrument Process Control Philosophy
  • Process Interlock Description
  • Instrument List Datasheets

LTC has a very capable and experienced team of Process Engineers who are well competent to perform these activities. LTC has a good track record in Process Design Package Preparation of Open Art Units and have executed such jobs in Refinery, Petrochemicals and Oil and Gas sectors.

Basic Engineering

LTC carries out Basic Engineering for both Grass-root Projects as well as Brown-field expansions. The basic engineering deliverables typically comprise of following deliverables

  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Piping Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Process simulations
  • Heat and Mass Balance for entire Plant, including Utility and Offsites
  • Flare load calculations
  • Utility and Effluent Summary
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Thermal Rating of Heat Exchangers, Air Fin Coolers and Fired Heaters,
  • Preliminary Plot Plan
  • Equipment datasheets for Heat Exchangers, Columns, Vessels, Tanks, Pumps, Compressors, Blowers, Misc packages etc
  • Control valve and safety valve datasheets
  • Adequacy check for existing equipment and instruments (in case of brown field expansions projects)

LTC has a very strong Process Engineering Team and is capable of executing Basic Engineering jobs. LTC has commendable track record in this Business segment especially in basic engineering of Open-Art Units such as Vacuum Distillation Units, Oil & Gas Processing Units etc. LTC uses latest state-of art hardware and software to develop these deliverables.

Front End Engineering & Design

LTC carries out FEED for Refinery Units, Petrochemical Complex, Oil & Gas Processing Facilities & Chemical Plants. The FEED deliverables typically comprise of following

  • Simulation
  • Thermal Rating
  • Utility Summary
  • Material Selection Diagram
  • Design Basis
  • Hydraulics
  • PFDs, P&IDs
  • Equipment List
  • Equipment Datasheet
  • Instrument Datasheet
  • Instrument List
  • Line List
  • Plot Plan
  • Piping Sketches
  • Preliminary 3D Models
  • Single Line Diagrams
  • Hazardous Area Classifications
  • Standard Specifications
  • Engineering Design Basis
  • Engineering/ Installation Standards
  • System Configuration & Interface for Package PLC / Control system

LTC has very strong track record in execution of FEED jobs and have executed such jobs meeting all schedule, quality and cost requirements.