Pre-project Services    Reference List

Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies

Techno-economic feasibility studies are undertaken typically during the project conceptualization stage to establish the feasibility of the Project with respect to technical soundness, operational flexibility and economic viability. This is the first step of pre-project evaluation and generally comprises following activities:

  • Identification of the desired products to be manufactured in the Proposed Plant
  • Identification of suitable technologies for these desired products
  • Obtaining necessary inputs from Licensors to carry our techno-economic study
  • Preparation of conceptual process schemes, PFDs, conceptual Plot Plan and tentative equipment layouts for the Plant
  • Providing all necessary technical inputs to Client for carrying out safety studies such as QRA, Hazop etc
  • Estimation of preliminary cost of entire plant including utilities and off-sites to the accuracy of +/- 30%.
  • Preliminary economic feasibility analysis such as NPV Calculations, Cost benefit analysis, IRR and payback period calculations.

LTC works closely with its Clients and emphasizes on Client Feedback and suggestions during all critical steps to ensure utmost Client Satisfaction. LTC has vast experience in execution of such studies and can undertake these activities for grass-roots projects as well as revamp projects.

Detailed Feasibility Studies

Detailed Feasibility Study is the subsequent step to the preliminary techno-economic feasibility study. This is a more detailed study and comprises preparation of following deliverables

  • Design basis,
  • Preliminary PFD's and P&ID's,
  • Preliminary plot plans and layouts,
  • Preliminary equipment list and major/ critical equipment preliminary datasheets
  • Identifying offsite requirements
  • Adequacy checks of existing facilities/ utilities (in case of Brown-field expansions)
  • Market study of feedstock and products (from availability & price point of view) and assessment of market trend of feedstock and products in short and long term
  • Conceptualization of distribution set-up for the products.
  • Cost Estimation of project with accuracy of +/- 10%

LTC also has extensive cost data bank for various plant and machinery costs which aids in carrying out preliminary cost estimates. LTC understands Client's requirements and concerns and helps its Clients to transform the Project on paper into reality.

Technology Evaluation

Technology evaluation of a process technology is a very significant step in the holistic Pre-Project services stage. A very measured and clinical approach is required to identify the Correct Technology for the Project. Typical activities carried out by LTC under this domain are as under

  • Identification of suitable technologies for these desired products
  • Approaching Probable Licensers and obtaining necessary inputs/ details from them
  • Techno-Commercial Evaluation of Technologies w.r.t. process and operational flexibility, product yield, equipment foot-print requirements, energy consumption per unit of product, licensing fees, CAPEX and OPEX requirements for the Plant etc.

LTC, by virtue of being a renowned detailed engineering contractor in Hydrocarbon sector has exposure to various process technologies, and is perfectly placed to perform evaluation studies of licensor's technologies.